Smartbuild Inc. is an integrated mechanical and construction services company known for innovation. Our activities are focused on producing healthy, comfortable, and safe indoor environments in durable, resilient buildings that minimise the environmental footprint. And we do this in an economically-viable way. 

H (1)

Water-to-water ground source heat pumps

Water-to-glycol heat exchangers

H (2)

Forced-air ground source heat pump and HRV

Vertical loop drilling

H (3)

9 ton, 1½ inch HDPE lake loop

Horizontal ground loops in a field excavation

H (4)

Slab on grade radiant floor heating

Upper floor radiant floor heating

H (5)

Snow melt walkway

Hydronic material packages

H (6)

Chilled water air handler in the attic

Mini duct outlets in a cathedral ceiling

H (7)


Humidifier outlet

H (8)

Energy retrofits-Blower door test


H (9)

New construction, renovations, additions



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