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Home or building owner

If you are the home or building owner, the best time to bring us into your project is long before any construction begins. Smartbuild Inc. offers a range of services and will work with you and your team to produce the best results for you.

A small environmental footprint building will always cost more than one constructed to the minimum standards of the Ontario building code. However, early planning will result in a much smaller increase in overall construction cost. Often, the details of mechanical systems are not considered until construction is well under way. This always leads to increased costs and reduced options.

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Architect / Engineer / Designer

You are the design professionals and you work hard for your clients. But, ground source heat pumps, whole house radiant floor heating systems and energy recovery systems are not your strong suit. When does it make sense to spend more on the building envelope in order to reduce the size of the renewable energy systems? What kind of system makes the most sense for your client? We will work with you to help you make those choices and stay within your budget.

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Mechanical Contractor

Your client wants a system that you have limited experience with. You can try to steer your client away from hydronics and renewable energy systems. You can try to fake your way through it and potentially incur losses and tarnish your reputation along the way. Smartbuild Inc. can provide to you the design and installation help you need to successfully and profitably complete your project.

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Your clients are now asking for whole-house radiant floor heating systems, ground source heat pumps, chilled water air conditioning and other mechanical systems that until a few years ago were not a part of your business. Done right, those systems offer an excellent opportunity for you to increase your bottom line. Let us guide you.

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