About the Company:

Smartbuild Inc. was incorporated in 2005 after operating as a sole proprietorship for about ten years. We provide mechanical and construction services in the residential and light commercial sectors. We specialize in hydronic heating/cooling, indoor air quality and renewable energy systems, building envelope upgrading and sustainable, durable, resilient construction.

Services offered include design, review, project management, installation, assembly and construction. Smartbuild Inc. is an integrated mechanical and construction company known for innovation. Our activities are focused on sustainable, energy efficient buildings.

We are committed to producing healthy, comfortable and safe indoor environments in durable buildings that minimize the environmental footprint. And we do it in an economically-viable way within our client’s budget.

We are located in Gravenhurst and take on projects throughout Muskoka, surrounding area and much of Ontario.

Why you should retain Smartbuild Inc. for your project:

Energy efficient buildings and their mechanical systems are more complex and integrated than buildings in the past. A good project implementation must always strive to balance various architectural and mechanical elements.

Smartbuild inc. has expertise both in mechanical systems and construction. This sets us apart from most companies. We often work with the owner, architect, engineer, interior designer, installer or builder to find the right balance between the mechanical and other competing elements to ensure that the building performs to the client’s needs, expectations and budget.

Whether we only design or install the mechanical systems, fabricate the mechanical systems for others to install on site or undertake the entire construction project, we always do so in a way that optimises overall building performance and provides value for our client.

Memberships, Affiliations & Partnerships

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